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Medicare Part D Plans

Finding Value in Medicare Part D Plans

If you enroll in a Medigap plan and wish to have prescription coverage, then you must enroll in a separate Medicare Part D Plan (Medicare drug plan).

For our clients who are comfortable telling us the names of their prescriptions, we will research expected prescription co-pays and then recommend Medicare drug plans where we feel you would find strong value.

We are happy to mail our clients a customized prescription plan analysis drawn from the website: This analysis will show your specific total expected costs — monthly premiums, co-pays and deductibles. Our goal is to deliver value here – to save you money and eliminate surprises.

The cost of Medicare drug plans, including co-pays, can be a bit quirky and will vary based on your prescription needs, therefore we don’t feel any one plan or one insurer is the best fit for all clients, all the time.

Our research on Medicare Part D Plans is free and is one area where we really add value to our service.

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“When I became eligible for Medicare last year, I was taken aback by the many options and solicitations for Medicare Supplemental and Rx policies. Undaunted, I said: ‘Let an expert do my homework for me!’ John was wonderful in finding and explaining the right plans for my peace of mind and budget.  I don’t snore as loudly now.”

– Gundars R., New Hope, PA