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Medicare Advantage Plans

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Medicare Advantage plans involve co-pays for medical coverage and ask that you seek scheduled medical care in a specific network of physicians and hospitals. Medicare Advantage plans – also called Medicare Part C – often combine medical and prescription coverage into one plan.

What is Medicare Advantage vs. Medigap?

Generally speaking, with Medicare Advantage plans, you should expect to save money on monthly premiums versus coverage with Medigap plans, but in return for the money you are saving, you must accept the​​​ plan’s co-pays and receive scheduled care in the plan’s network.

A good discussion of Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C plans) should include the following:

  • What is the price range in your county for monthly premiums for various Medicare Advantage plans?
  • What are the co-pays for Medicare-covered services? Does the plan have an annual out-of-pocket maximum cost for co-pays?
  • Are your favorite local doctors and hospitals in-network?
  • What are plan co-pays for generic and name-brand prescription drugs? Will the Medicare Advantage plan cover your specific prescriptions?
  • What is the prescription drug “donut hole” and might it impact you? What would drug costs be in this “donut hole”?

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